About Fence Banner Mesh

Fence Banner Mesh is one of Australia’s leaders in grand format printing and out-of-home advertising, supplying printed signage nationwide. All of our products are printed in Australia using superior quality materials and the finest inks on the market. Our main focus is, and always has been on quality products and exceptional customer service.

For a company so driven by quality, our pricing is very competitive. We consider ourselves the best value grand format printing supplier in Australia because of the longevity of our banners and the outstanding print quality.

We work with some of the largest (and smallest) Australian businesses across a variety of industries. Fence Banner Mesh specialise in the construction industry and we have a great depth of knowledge about building site applications for a variety of grand format printing.

Ultimately, our goal is for your business to stand out from the crowd and be remembered for the right reasons, which is why we place such an emphasis on our product and print quality.

What we pride ourselves on is our ability to listen. This coupled with our wealth of experience, we aim to provide our clients with the best possible result. We are passionate about our high quality service and hold the belief that this is why we have been so successful.

A key driver of Fence Banner Mesh is the quality of design. The vast majority of our clients do not hold in-house design teams and as a result we provide a high-quality design service that creates aesthetically pleasing and memorable printed banner signs. The purpose for many does not just lie in the beauty but somewhat the message they want to convey. At Fence Banner Mesh we balance design and functionality to deliver the best for our client.

Why Fence Banner Mesh?

Competitive Pricing

For the superior quality products and print we provide, we are undoubtedly the cheapest grand format printing supplier in Australia. We specialise in printing big, so we are geared to providing great prices because of the discount we ourselves receive from our suppliers.

Superior Quality

Fence Banner Mesh is committed to providing superior quality products and finishing to our clients that are second to none. We now have the most advanced finishing techniques and superior quality substrates available. We guarantee the longevity and quality of all of our work and ensure all of our products are suited to the harsh Australian environmental conditions.

Customer Service

What we do really well is listen to our clients needs and give them the benefit of our experience, providing them with the best possible result. We are passionate about service and we are with you every step of the way – from your initial enquiry, to letting you know how your order in tracking, to following up after you have received the order.

We pride ourselves in our service from anyone that you might speak to in the business, from the person that first answers your call to the person that delivers your product. Simply put, you will be impressed.

The Team



General Manager - Operations

Luke is an internationally experienced GM with a track record of high performance in strategic business transformations.

With a strong focus on delivering commercial outcomes and driving business performance, Luke is driving Fence Banner Mesh into the future.



Speciality Sales Representative

A specialist sales representative, Chantelle has a strong customer service background within the civil and construction industry.

She is one of the driving forces behind our exceptional service; going above and beyond to meet our clients expectations.



Business Development Manager - NSW

Jarrod’s primary role is overseeing the customer service team.

He has provided customer support for some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects; dealing with major contractors within the building and construction industries.



Graphic Artist & Designer

Kristianne has an immense understanding of colour and design.

Having worked within a corporate environment has enabled her to truly understand the importance of branding.



Production Manager

Warren is responsible for all the organisational aspects of production. This includes scheduling, printing, hemming and eyeleting.

He runs a tight ship and ensures production times are met.