Can I personalise the signage?

Yes. Each sign we create is personalised in accordance with the client’s wishes to best promote their business, products and services.

What are the benefits of printed signage?

Printed signage can be used effectively as an outdoor advertising material. They can be set up on large and highly visible sights, thus grabbing the attention of someone passing by.

Will the signage last?

Yes. Fence Banner Mesh ensures all of its products are made from the finest quality materials that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Some banner mesh from our offer is specially designed to be water and windproof, so you can count on them to stand tall and undamaged for the product’s lifespan.

Do I have to set up banner mesh at my job site?

This depends. You need to check the fire safety and building code rules in the area with your municipality.

Do mesh banners have to be professionally installed?

No. Anyone can set it up, but note that it will require more people if you are looking to cover a lot of square footage.

How can I know which type of banner mesh I need to set up?

Get in touch, we have experts on call who will listen to the details of your project and advise you on the best signage solution.

Do I have to maintain the banner mesh I set up?

No. Once you set it up, you can count on it to last undamaged for as long as you need it, no maintenance required.

What is your turnaround time?

We typically deliver the banner you order within 10 days from the payment confirmation date and artwork approval. However, the delivery can be slightly delayed during the end of a financial year and on public holidays.