3 Ways to keep your banner mesh fresh!

Mar 03, 2021

Fence banner mesh or banner wraps not only make your site look great, they also help promote your brand or project, as well as keeping dust and debris from escaping into nearby businesses and homes. And if you look after them, you can use them over and over at different projects and work sites.

Here’s how to keep your fence mesh looking good and prevent it from being ripped and torn.

Buy the right type of fence banner mesh

Fence Banner Mesh supplies two styles of printed fence mesh: premium banner mesh and open weave banner mesh. The main differences between the fabrics we use are how tight the weave is, and therefore how high the resulting print quality is.

Also, the difference in weave affects the wind resistance of the fabric and makes each type suitable for different environments.

Open weave mesh is, as the name suggests, a fabric that is more loosely woven with small openings in the weave. This open construction still provides a high quality print, but it has less of a ‘block out’ effect, so the fabric is semi see-through. Therefore it is not as effective as a privacy screen if you are intending to use it as a means of blocking views of your site. If you are intending to use banner mesh as an anti-gawk mesh, then the premium version with a higher block out effect may be more suitable.

To put it another way – premium mesh is 80% block out with 20% airflow, whereas open weave mesh is 50% block out with 50% airflow.

Further to this, open weave mesh is more effective at allowing wind to pass through. Installing tightly woven mesh in a windy environment can cause it to act like a sail, adding strain on the banner. The added pressure will increase the chance of rips, tears, and pulling around the eyelets. For this reason, open weave mesh is recommended for high wind areas or for exposed coastal projects.

Key takeaway: buying open weave mesh is the right way to go if you have a windy or exposed site. This will allow wind to pass through and stop the weather from ruining your mesh.

Install your fence wraps correctly

Banner wraps are easy to install onto most types of temporary fencing, cyclone fencing or even hoarding.

Your roll of banner mesh will arrive wrapped in plastic for protection. Once you receive it on site, it is straightforward to unroll it along your temporary fence, attaching it as you go. Our banner mesh comes hemmed and eyeleted for quick and easy installation.

Simply fix the banner mesh or scrim to fence with cable ties, tie wire or rope. The eyelets increase the life of the banner by reducing rips and tears in high wind situations. Likewise, eyelets provide a rugged fixing point for long-term installations.

Installation can be done by one person, but the process is quicker and easier with a colleague to help you out.

Don’t pay too much!

As one of Australia’s leading experts in printed fence fabric for major projects, we often get asked for advice on selecting the type of banner mesh that best suits our customer’s requirements.

Give our friendly team a call to get competitive pricing along with advice on the right type of banner mesh for your project or site.

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