Fence Banner Mesh offers builders and developers a complete design and print service.

This means you can always get excellent quality banner mesh without the headaches of managing design, waiting on lengthy shipping times, or having to store bulk rolls of mesh.

We do it all for you!

Everything you need for banner mesh: all under one roof

The ordering and design process with us is seamless, with everything done in-house by our talented branding team in Sydney. Getting your design right is easy and hassle-free with our design service. We help builders and developers create a stand-out design that shows off their project, brand or logo.

Plus, not only do we offer a design service, but we also stock large quantities of plain white mesh allowing us to print long runs at short notice on our in-house printing presses. Our banner printing machines are running 24/7 to ensure that orders are shipped out fast to sites all over Australia.

And we don’t outsource our work to overseas printers: all our printing is done in house in Sydney using vinyl cutting printers, screen printers, pad printers and digital printers.

With a high level of control over the whole process, we can ensure your custom print orders are processed in the fastest time possible, and that you always get a quality result.

And, for builders that use a lot of mesh, we can offer bulk savings and even warehouse additional rolls for you so they are always ready to go when you set up a new site.

Printed Fence Wrap

An easy, 5 step process

1. Place your order by giving our friendly customer service team a call or emailing us with the amount of mesh you need.

2. Send us your existing design if you have one, or simply email us your logo and colours and we’ll design a striking, high-impact image to enhance your building site. Our in-house design team will help you get the best result that reflects your company’s professionalism and attention to detail.

3. Choose which type of mesh you need: open weave is best for windy areas and gives high print quality whilst allowing air to pass through easily. Premium banner mesh has a tighter weave and is better for photorealistic image reproduction.

4. Once you’ve approved your design we print it, finish it, add eyelets, hem the edges, add wind slits if you need them, and make any other customisations you require.

5. Your order is produced and delivered to site quickly, so you can install your banner mesh on your temporary fencing or cyclone fencing. Or, choose to have us store your rolls safely till you need them for your next job.


Buy banner mesh in bulk and save

Banner mesh is long-lasting but in tough environments like building sites, it does wear out after a couple of years of regular use. If you go through a lot of mesh or like to replace your mesh regularly so it always looks like new, we recommend buying in bulk.

Not only does this save you money with our bulk banner mesh pricing, but you’ll also ensure you have the same printed image across multiple rolls of mesh – a key consideration if you have multiple sites and want to make sure your branding is consistent.

We can store it for you so you’ll always be able to get custom banner mesh delivered to your site, fast! This means you don’t have to worry about waiting times to reprint, or storing bulk rolls of mesh at your depot and keeping them clean and looking good.

We’ll store your ready-made banner mesh rolls in our warehouses around Australia, clean and protected, ready for you to quickly access whenever you need them.

How it works

  • We print up a bulk run of banner mesh
  • The rolls are held in stock at our warehouses
  • You request rolls to be dispatched directly to site as needed
  • Saves you on freight, storage space and removes the stress of getting mesh printed at late notice!
  • Take the hassle out of branding your building site

    Cut out the middle man – go direct and save! Call the friendly branding team at Fence Banner Mesh and let us take care of your branding needs from start to finish.

    Fence Banner Mesh supplied Strait Up Cranes & Rigging with custom sized premium fence mesh panels to enhance the street frontage of their head office and depot.

    Project Snapshot

    Strait Up Cranes and Rigging is a crane hire operator based in Mudgee, offering crane hire solutions to the Central West and beyond.

    With a head office based in Mudgee’s industrial heart, the company wanted to ensure its branding was highly visible on their front fence.

    Fence Banner Mesh’s Solution

    Fence Banner Mesh supplied a series of custom sized fence mesh panels for Strait Up’s front cyclone fencing and gates. The printed mesh panels were sized to the company’s specifications, to ensure each one fit neatly on the sections of fence at the front of the property.

    With a bold and bright coloured design, our premium fence mesh has made the company’s head office much more visible!

    About our premium fence mesh

    Premium printed shade cloth or banner mesh is an effective solution to create privacy on site and effectively advertise your brand or project. Our standard rolls measure 1.6m or 1.8m high and come in a 50m roll, however, we can cut banners to any size.

    Constructed from tough UV treated polyester banner mesh, premium fence fabric has 80% block out with reinforced strip welded or folded edge banding and eyelets every metre for easy installation on temporary fences or other types of site fencing (such as cyclone fencing).

    Fence Banner Mesh applies a long-lasting full-colour print to white fabric, giving a bright and high-impact finish. Our banners are printed in house at our Arndell Park warehouse, enabling excellent quality and fast turnaround. Our printed fence mesh is ideal for both elaborate designs as well as simple block printing – no matter how big or colourful your design, it will transfer accurately to our premium mesh printed shade cloth!

    Plus, it is a safer choice too, with fire retardant inhibitors added to the underlying PVC composition. Fence Banner Mesh’s Banner Mesh uses a fire retardant within the PVC however this has no specified fire rating.

    Get a Quote on Premium Scrim from Fence Banner Mesh

    Fence Banner Mesh is a leading supplier of custom printed site fence mesh, servicing civil, utilities, construction, events and infrastructure projects all over Australia.

    For more information or a quote on printed fence mesh, get in touch with our Branding team today. Our dedicated team has the expert knowledge to assist you in choosing the right mesh for your site.

    Project Gallery

    Premium Fence Mesh panels

    Fence banner mesh or banner wraps not only make your site look great, they also help promote your brand or project, as well as keeping dust and debris from escaping into nearby businesses and homes. And if you look after them, you can use them over and over at different projects and work sites.

    Here’s how to keep your fence mesh looking good and prevent it from being ripped and torn.

    Buy the right type of fence banner mesh

    Fence Banner Mesh supplies two styles of printed fence mesh: premium banner mesh and open weave banner mesh. The main differences between the fabrics we use are how tight the weave is, and therefore how high the resulting print quality is.

    Also, the difference in weave affects the wind resistance of the fabric and makes each type suitable for different environments.

    Open weave mesh is, as the name suggests, a fabric that is more loosely woven with small openings in the weave. This open construction still provides a high quality print, but it has less of a ‘block out’ effect, so the fabric is semi see-through. Therefore it is not as effective as a privacy screen if you are intending to use it as a means of blocking views of your site. If you are intending to use banner mesh as an anti-gawk mesh, then the premium version with a higher block out effect may be more suitable.

    To put it another way – premium mesh is 80% block out with 20% airflow, whereas open weave mesh is 50% block out with 50% airflow.

    Further to this, open weave mesh is more effective at allowing wind to pass through. Installing tightly woven mesh in a windy environment can cause it to act like a sail, adding strain on the banner. The added pressure will increase the chance of rips, tears, and pulling around the eyelets. For this reason, open weave mesh is recommended for high wind areas or for exposed coastal projects.

    Key takeaway: buying open weave mesh is the right way to go if you have a windy or exposed site. This will allow wind to pass through and stop the weather from ruining your mesh.

    Install your fence wraps correctly

    Banner wraps are easy to install onto most types of temporary fencing, cyclone fencing or even hoarding.

    Your roll of banner mesh will arrive wrapped in plastic for protection. Once you receive it on site, it is straightforward to unroll it along your temporary fence, attaching it as you go. Our banner mesh comes hemmed and eyeleted for quick and easy installation.

    Simply fix the banner mesh or scrim to fence with cable ties, tie wire or rope. The eyelets increase the life of the banner by reducing rips and tears in high wind situations. Likewise, eyelets provide a rugged fixing point for long-term installations.

    Installation can be done by one person, but the process is quicker and easier with a colleague to help you out.

    Don’t pay too much!

    As one of Australia’s leading experts in printed fence fabric for major projects, we often get asked for advice on selecting the type of banner mesh that best suits our customer’s requirements.

    Give our friendly team a call to get competitive pricing along with advice on the right type of banner mesh for your project or site.

    Pantone colours vs CMYK colours

    Whether you plan to supply us with logos and images to produce a design for you or provide ready to print artwork, this article will help you understand the differences in the end product that can occur due to the printing process particularly regarding the use of CMYK vs Pantone colours.

    When you’re using printed banner mesh to promote your business or project, you want it to look great!

    So ensuring you understand how your logo and images will translate onto mesh during the printing process is an important first step.

    What is printed banner mesh?

    Printed banner mesh is generally used to advertise your project or brand. It’s also commonly used as a privacy or anti-gawking screen to limit the amount of dust and debris being emitted from a work site. 

    Fence Banner Mesh is a leading printer of large format banner mesh for Australian businesses. We print everything from small banners to right through to kilometres of mesh for some of the country’s biggest infrastructure projects.

    Naturally, if you’re using banner mesh to showcase your brand, you want to ensure that your logo and images are reproduced as closely as possible to the original. So, here’s an outline of our printing process, print specifications and how to get the best results on your full colour printed mesh.

    How your corporate design will translate to printed mesh

    There are two types of mesh available – premium or open weave (which allows more air to pass through).

    Premium banner mesh gives very high print quality because 80% of its surface is printable. This means the image translates with excellent quality onto the plain white mesh substrate.

    Open weave mesh has only 50% surface area to print on, however, the overall effect especially with bold block designs and colours is often nearly as good as premium mesh.

    Your particular design or logo might lend itself to a certain type of mesh – feel free to send your images through and our design consultants can offer advice. Likewise, particular colours may look better on a specific type of mesh, so get in touch with our team for advice on the best choice for your project.

    Our mesh printing process

    Many of our clients choose a full colour print which is applied to the plain white mesh in our printing facility. You can also choose to have a simple logo or single image repeated on the existing plain white background.

    Our printing press uses a CMYK printing process, where pink, yellow, blue and black inks are overprinted to form all colours of the rainbow. We use Absorb-Plus inks which offer vibrant colour and excellent longevity in outdoor conditions.

    Naturally, however, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will affect the brightness and saturation of colours over time, so the mesh will always look it’s best when new. Although banner mesh is UV treated for longevity, it is a consumable item and it will eventually wear and the fade slightly, especially when used in demanding conditions such as on construction sites.

    Our premium banner mesh can last up to 3 years on site, and our open weave mesh lasts up to 1 year. When looked after well, the mesh can often be used for many projects, plus it is easy to roll up and use over and over at different sites.

    Colour differences in Pantone vs CMYK colours

    CMYK is another name for four colour or full-colour printing.

    It stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black and is the type of printing you’d typically find in an office printer. The printer – whether it be printing on paper or huge rolls of banner mesh – will print different concentrations of the four colours to create full-colour images.

    Pantone printing however uses exact trademarked Pantone colours of inks and requires a lot of additional setup and configuration of a printing press.

    For this reason, many banner mesh printers use the more cost-effective CMYK processes to keep prices down for customers. The trade-off is a very slight difference in the colour of the end product, which can be more noticeable on some images than on others.

    In most cases, Pantone or spot colours can be achieved with a CMYK process but if you have extremely bright colours in your logo or you’ve had problems with other printing suppliers in the past, we recommend you give our team a call first.

    We can do our best to match your Pantone colours, but we can’t guarantee an absolutely perfect match. We will endeavour to print as close as possible to your corporate colour using our CMYK printing press.

    Unfortunately, we cannot use spot colours, RGB or Pantone colours in their original state, so the best course of action is for you to supply your artwork converted to CMYK. This will also help ensure fast turnaround and the best adherence to your original colours.

    Why order from Fence Banner Mesh?

    Mesh provides privacy and security, screening off expensive equipment and small items on your building site that could be subject to theft. Many workplace safety authorities require contractors to control dust and debris on site, and banner mesh is a cheap and effective way to meet these requirements.

    And of course, the ability to print striking full colour graphics on banner mesh means you’ve got a huge ready-made canvas to advertise your project.

    If you’d like to find out more about banner mesh printing, give our friendly branding team a call today.


    Civil contracting firm Diona is working on renewing the Johnstons Creek stormwater channel in Sydney. Owned and managed by Sydney Water, Johnstons Creek is one of Sydney’s earliest purpose-built concrete stormwater drains.

    In order to create a revitalised and healthy waterway that the local community can enjoy, Diona is working alongside Sydney Water to naturalise and renew Johnstons Creek. The project involves replacing the concrete base of the stormwater channel and removing the old concrete walls which will be replaced with stabilised banks landscaped with native plants, trees and sandstone.

    The existing salt marsh will also be expanded, a wetland will be built to filter stormwater, and an existing footbridge replaced.

    In late November 2019, Diona and Sydney Water hosted a successful community open day which resulted in positive feedback, welcoming the naturalisation works.

    In order to continue the community goodwill and ensure surrounding residents were kept informed of the progress of the project, the team needed a way to communicate to the public about what was happening at the creek. Large format signage was identified as a budget friendly option.



    The project team’s main objective is to improve the overall health of waterway by creating a natural planted stormwater system (or wetland) and maintain continuous access for parkland users during the construction works.

    The contractor wanted to communicate this to local residents and chose to use our printed fence mesh customised with the project goals.

    Our printed fence mesh enables you to promote your project or brand or product on your perimeter fencing, thereby generating public awareness and delivering an outstanding first impression of your brand to clients and the community.

    Printed banner mesh is also known as fence wrap, printed shade cloth and fencing mesh and is typically seen covering hoarding and fences around building sites. Is comes with eyelets making it easy to install on cyclone fencing or other types of fences, and the quality 280gsm fabric offers 20% air breathability. This means 80% of the fabric is printable with your design, offering an outstanding high-impact finish.

    Our quality inks are printed onto white base fabric, and provide excellent image fidelity, even for detailed image reproductions such as photographs. As seen here, simple text and colours can often provide the best effect, as it can be read from a long distance.

    Our printed fence mesh is UV treated to provide longevity in harsh Australian weather, and when installed correctly it is long lasting and will remain looking great for the length of your project.

    Diona and Sydney Water used simple messaging about this project on their mesh, and also took the opportunity to remind residents that water restrictions are in place, noting what they can do around the home to save water.

    In total, over 4000 linear metres were installed at this project and similar waterway revitalisation projects around Sydney.

    Diona began works in January 2020 and this project is expected to finish in mid 2021.


    Many civil, construction and infrastructure projects incorporate a large community consultation component. This typically includes interaction with residents and businesses in the surrounding area who will be directly impacted by a project or development.

    Community consultation and providing regular, accurate information is key to ensuring that your project runs smoothly and is not fraught with complaints and concerns from people who have not been fully informed of planned construction.

    What better way to do this than with large format printed fence mesh!

    Communicating to the Public with Fence Mesh

    One of the best ways to ensure the community stays informed throughout the entire process, not just initial planning, is to provide a way to communicate the project’s purpose and deliverables at the actual site.

    This ensures that all local residents, businesses and also intermittent users of the area can be kept informed of the project as it progresses. Whilst letterbox flyers and online advertising are important, they often do not capture temporary users of the area, such as people who work near the construction site or only visit the area for recreation purposes.

    On-site advertising of the project with the help of printed fence mesh ensures that you capture all possible stakeholders, not just those in the nearby streets.

    Print Your Messages, Project Goals and Timelines

    Fence fabric is a perfect solution for community engagement officers, stakeholder management teams and project managers wishing to convey information about their project.

    Providing informative, positive and goal-oriented wording on your fence fabric helps to build momentum for a project, encourages positivity and acceptance, and helps to keep local residents focussed on the final outcome rather than focussing on temporary noise issues or access restrictions.

    Likewise, adding projected completion dates to your fence banner keeps the public reassured of the temporary nature of the project.

    Tell People Where to Find More Information

    Although standard construction site signs contain contact details for the site, often it’s more appropriate to provide a more general contact for the public to find additional information and sign up for updates to the project online.

    Including your contact details on printed fence mesh ensures enquiries are directed to a single approved source of information. Plus, the large format printing allows for easy identification of this information by the public, even from a distance or from a moving vehicle.

    printed scrim

    Case Study Example:
    How Sydney Water used Printed Fence Fabric to convey information to the public

    System used: Premium printed fence fabric
    Customer: Sydney Water & Comdain
    Project: Waterway Health Improvement Program
    Install length: 50m

    Project Overview

    The 6.9 hectare Milson Park is located in Westmead, cut down the centre by Finlayson Creek. This creek runs through the park and connects to Toongabbie Creek, and unfortunately, both are highly polluted due to the surrounding high-density urban environment.

    As part of an overall transformation project encompassing the massive Westmead hospital precinct, the Milson Park area has been identified as an area ripe for renewal. With strong projected growth in the coming years, the area will be turned into a valuable recreational community space.

    In a partnership with Sydney Water, Parramatta City Council is working to improve the overall health of the waterway and catchment and work on improved pedestrian and cycleway connections to Parramatta CBD. Stage 1 involves the construction of natural wetlands, increasing connections to ecological areas, and improved pedestrian and cycle connections.

    An additional Stage 2 will centre around BBQ and picnic areas, and a potential community garden.

    How Printed Project Signage keeps people informed

    In this example, the project’s key message was printed in large format on the mesh: ‘We’re building a wetland to improve waterway health and create a better place for the community to enjoy”.

    This simple sentence provides a positive and uplifting impression to the local community, and the contact email address and phone number direct people to additional online information.

    Quality printed construction mesh that improves the look of your project

    For this project, the team chose to use our premium mesh, a tightly woven polypropylene mesh that allows 20% airflow and 80% print coverage. The fence mesh measures 1.8m high making it perfect to fix to any temporary fence or cyclone fencing.

    Sydney Water used two 5 metre wide panels of information that were repeated every 10 metres to provide a repetitive pattern that was fixed around the perimeter fencing on site.

    This fence mesh is also available in 1.6m wide rolls, in shorter and longer lengths, and in a looser weave style that is particularly suited to exposed or windy sites.


    Our customer, T1 Constructions, is working on three 12-storey buildings in Sydney’s West. The development known as ‘No 1 Zoe’ comprises 5680 square metres of retail and residential space spread across 12 levels.

    With a new Good Luck Supermarket and 16 additional retail shops, this large commercial development in Mount Druitt will help cater to the growing population in the area.

    The developers needed a cost-effective way to drum up interest in the development and generate sales enquiries for the luxury apartments.

    With a significant area on the lower level enclosed with hoarding, this blank space presented an ideal area to advertise the project with printed logo and photo banners.



    Fence Banner Mesh helped T1 Constructions promote the project with high-quality photo banners for the hoarding.

    By printing their brand and contact details in large format, along with that of development partner GLP Developments, the banners provided an effective way to encourage passers-by to call for more information.

    Additionally, the flagship supermarket that is planned for the retail plaza has been advertised in full-colour photos to garner extra interest from the public. This specialty supermarket is a key drawcard for the development and the photorealistic images provide a strong sense of what the finished development will look like.

    Fence Banner Mesh supplied 250 metres of printed photo banners for the hoarding, along with 3 smaller two-metre wide banners. Our banner mesh features 80% print coverage with 20% airflow, meaning it is ideal for printing detailed photographs such as the supermarket image shown here.

    Excellent detail and crisp images can be achieved with our high-quality inks and fast printing process, which is completed in-house in our Sydney facility.  If you need to print photos on rolls of mesh for your next project, our premium mesh is the ideal choice, providing great quality at an affordable price.




    The RSPCA in Yagoona in Sydney’s South West has recently been successful in securing a long term lease until 2056. Consequently, the 40-year-old flagship centre, which includes a vet hospital and animal shelter, is undergoing a major upgrade thanks to $12 million in funding announced in the State Government budget.

    Each year around 15,000 cats and dogs are adopted through the Yagoona shelter, which is the largest centre in the state. The frequently visited facility is a hub of animal welfare in the Sydney basin, with a large shelter area and fully equipped veterinary clinic open 7 days a week.

    Lahey Constructions are working on upgrading the site, which includes an expanded car park to cater for an additional 80 vehicles, plus construction of a new cattery building, adoption centre and shelter rows. The existing administration building will be demolished and a new two-storey RSPCA administration and education centre will be built.

    Due to the site being heavily visited by families and pet owners, the busy location required extra signage to help visitors find their way to the vet clinic and animal adoption centre whilst construction was taking place. Extensions to the site caused regular entrances and walkways to be modified, and the RSPCA team needed signage to help visitors find their way around the site.



    Fence Banner Mesh supplied premium printed mesh banners for the site, specifically designed to help clearly show visitors where to park and where to go for adoptions.

    These simple signs are printed on large format banner mesh and are designed for construction sites, to help advertise brands or projects or assist with wayfinding as seen here. Because we print all our banners in-house in our Sydney facility, we can offer fast turnaround and great quality. Plus with no minimum order quantity, it was no fuss for the RSPCA to order two 9 metre long banners and a smaller visitor parking banner.

    The Fence Banner Mesh branding team are here to help you customise your fence banners with any design you choose. From simple to complex designs, your brand and logo is sure to look great on our premium fence mesh!



    The North East Link project aims to fix the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network, slashing travel times between the M80 Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway by up to 35 minutes and taking 15,000 trucks off local roads each day. The project encompasses around 100 above and below ground services that are earmarked for relocation, making way for the new North East Link. During the current Early Works stage, teams of builders are moving power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunications lines so major construction can start from 2021.

    At one of the sites in Yallambie, more than 18 months of extensive site investigations in and around Borlase Reserve have helped identify power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunications services that need to be moved.

    A site compound has been set up in Borlase Reserve whilst utilities are being moved. The first step in any construction project, the compound provides a safe environment for workers, and contains sheds, parking and plant & equipment.

    The project managers needed to screen off the compound in order to lessen the impact on the surrounding residential area, and to help control dust and debris.

    Using printed construction fence signage was an ideal solution as it could help to promote the brand and visually tie in this site with the 10 other NEL construction sites in the nearby area.



    Fence Banner Mesh supplied custom printed wind resistant construction fence signage to the Victorian project, with a simple design showing their logo and website.

    A range of different sized banners totalling approximately 200 metres were printed by our in-house banner printing team. The range of custom sized banners ensured that different parts of the compound were neatly screened using the mesh, with perfectly sized banners for each area.

    Different sized panels and lengths are no problem for our branding team; including uneven sized panel lengths and different types of repetitions.

    For this project, Fence Banner Mesh supplied open weave mesh, a breathable and wind resistant construction fence signage that allows 50% airflow. This type of mesh is ideal for open sites that can be subject to a lot of wind. The fence mesh is made from UV treated polyester and because it allows wind to pass through easily, it will not act as a sail or tear in the wind.

    How long do fence banners last?

    If you look after them and are using them in a fairly clean environment, fence banners can last up to 2 years. Although they don’t last forever, they are certainly reusable many times over on different jobs.

    Even on construction sites which are typically not the cleanest environments, we often have customers rolling up their fence mesh banners after the job is complete and hanging them on the fence at the next project.

    If you’re looking for printed shade cloth in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere across Australia, get in touch with Fence Banner Mesh for a long-lasting quality product.


    What is the best material for outdoor printed fence banners?

    Our custom fence banners are made from tough UV treated polypropylene which means they resist fading and are made for tough Australian conditions. Our outdoor banners are supplied hemmed to ensure they do not fray or fall apart. The poly banners also come with rust-resistant grommets or eyelets every metre, so you can easily fix them to your fence with cable ties.

    This makes our printed temp fence wrap a winner for construction companies and event organisers.


    What should I look for in a printed banner?

    When comparing different printed banner suppliers in Australia, you should look for those that can supply:

    UV stabilised fabric to ensure your design doesn’t fade. The harsh Australian sun can wreak havoc on cheap fabrics and prints. We make sure that not only our fabric is UV stabilised, but our printing inks are fit for purpose as well.

    Banner mesh with adequate airflow for your site – if it’s located in a very windy or open area we recommend an open weave style that lets more air through and prevents the banner from tearing or acting as a sail. The other option is our regular premium mesh, which allows less air flow (80% instead of 50%) and does the same job, however, provides a slightly higher quality finish due to the more dense surface area for printing. This type is best for very intricate designs or reproducing photos.

    simple and streamlined design and an easy approval process, as well as assistance with graphic design work. We can take care of the design from start to finish if you don’t have your own artwork. Make sure the supplier you choose offers this level of support if you need help with designing your patterned banner mesh. Our goal is to make your brand stand out for all the right reasons!


    How long does it take to get my fence banners?

    You might think that banner printing in Australia takes a long time. If you are on a deadline for an event or construction project, you need your fence signage printed ASAP! That’s why we endeavour to expedite every order. Our banner printing machines are running 24/7 to ensure that orders are shipped out fast. We print in our Arndell Park factory in Sydney and ship directly to sites all over Australia.

    We don’t outsource our work: all our printing is done in house using vinyl cutting printers, screen printers, pad printers and digital printers. With control of the whole process, we can ensure your custom print orders are processed in the fastest time possible.


    How much does it cost to print my fence banners?

    Printed or patterned shade cloth is one of the most cost-effective methods to advertise your business. You can purchase single rolls, just a few metres, or receive a discount on large quantities. Our prices are very competitive and your mesh is printed right here in our Sydney factory.

    Our 50 metre long printed builder rolls are a simple, cheap and easy solution for smaller construction projects. They offer construction and building company’s privacy, dust control and containment on smaller sites. Of course, if you have a much larger site we can supply multiple rolls – kilometres of fence mesh if necessary!

    The more you buy, the cheaper the printed banners become, so get in touch for a fast quote for your next project.