A Cultural Icon Gets a Refresh

The Victoria Theatre Company, a historic landmark in Newcastle, sought to revitalise its exterior as part of a restoration project. Century Values, a trusted partner in venue enhancement, was chosen for the challenging task of transforming the facade.

The project wasn’t without hurdles. Meticulous attention to detail was required for the mesh banners that would serve as the canvas for the theatre’s branding. Spacing and sizing needed to be perfect. Additionally, unforeseen delays threatened the project timeline.

Fence Banner Mesh, however, thrives on tackling complex challenges.

Open Communication Ensures Seamless Execution

Understanding the importance of the graphics, Fence Banner Mesh provided Century Values with personalised support, offering them our Premium Fence Banner Mesh for the top scaffolds and our Vinyl Banners for the bottom wooden hoarding while guiding them through the mesh banner production process.

Open communication was also paramount, so direct communication channels were established between production teams and Century Values, ensuring everyone was on the same page regarding design details and deadlines.

To further expedite the process, Fence Banner Mesh took the initiative to reinforce the banners with eyelets, making installation smoother and ensuring long-term durability.

Honouring the Past While Embracing the Future

The Victoria Theatre exterior upgrade was not merely about aesthetics but also about preserving its rich heritage. Fence Banner Mesh seamlessly integrated branding elements into the mesh and vinyl banners, marrying modernity with tradition. By incorporating the theatre’s logo and thematic imagery, we honoured its legacy while breathing new life into the facade. This fusion of restoration and branding underscored the significance of the project in preserving cultural heritage while reinforcing the theatre’s identity.

A Renewed Beacon for the Arts

The Victoria Theatre’s exterior now stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. Through meticulous planning, proactive problem-solving, and a commitment to heritage preservation, Century Values successfully brought the theatre’s facade back to life, reaffirming its place as a beloved cultural icon in Newcastle.

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Project Gallery 

When Royal Wolf, a prominent self-storage provider, was gearing up for the grand opening of their new Newcastle site in Kooragang, NSW, they faced a significant challenge: how to maximise brand exposure to passing traffic. Partnering with Fence Banner Mesh, they secured a solution that significantly enhanced site presentation and visibility.

The Challenge

Despite the excitement of a brand-new facility, Royal Wolf’s Newcastle site was missing a crucial element — visibility. With the location set to open soon, the lack of branding exposure to the daily stream of passersby was a significant hurdle.

Our Solution

Fence Banner Mesh responded with a rapid quote turnaround. Recognising the need for quick action, the artwork was crafted and approved within a day, and the production and shipping were executed within four days. A few days later, the premium custom printed fence mesh was installed — a mere eight business days from start to finish.

The solution included one premium roll of Fence Banner Mesh’s flagship printed scrim, strategically placed to face traffic for optimal exposure. The installation was meticulous, ensuring the mesh was displayed correctly to withstand environmental factors and maintain longevity.

Product Spotlight

Our Premium Fence Banner Mesh is engineered for outdoor fence branding. Its robust 280gsm, UV-treated polyester mesh offers an 80% material to 20% airflow ratio, with fire retardant properties. It’s available in 1.6m or 1.8m heights and 50m rolls, providing flexibility from partial to full print coverage.

Manufacturing Excellence

As a dedicated manufacturer, Fence Banner Mesh takes pride in not outsourcing work, allowing for bespoke sizes tailored to specific project needs. Our banners are designed with hemmed edges and eyelets for resilient installation, reducing the risk of damage in varied conditions.

Client Feedback

Royal Wolf was exceptionally pleased with the service, noting the mesh’s impact on street visibility and the swift installation process. The customer-centric approach of Fence Banner Mesh resulted in a satisfied client who could effectively market their brand to a broad audience.

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