We at Fence Banner Mesh are proud to have been a part of the exciting Lang Walker Medical Research Building project currently underway at 100 Parkside Cres Campbelltown NSW. Once complete, researchers and clinicians will have access to the most advanced research technologies, laboratories, and collaborative spaces.

This hub of expertise will not only enhance access to clinical trials for the local community but also address crucial health needs and lead the way in nationally and globally impactful research.

Building Brand Awareness During Construction

Our client, Richard Crookes Constructions, came to us with a specific challenge: the Lang Walker project lacked proper site branding. Construction zones can often be visually unappealing, and without clear signage, the public might not understand the importance of the project happening behind the fence.

Speed, Communication, and Customer Service

We understood the urgency of the project and provided Richard Crookes Constructions with a quick turnaround on both the quote and the manufacturing of custom printed mesh banner and vinyl hoarding.

Despite a minor bump, with a few banners requiring correction due to a production error, our focus on exceptional service never wavered. 

Through expedited shipping and continuous communication with the client, we ensured the reworked banners were manufactured and delivered within an impressive four days. This commitment to overcoming challenges and exceeding expectations is a core value at Fence Banner Mesh.

Your Trusted Partner in Construction Site Branding

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We understand the power of clear and professional site branding plays during construction projects. Not only does it project a sense of professionalism, but it also effectively informs the public about the project’s purpose and timeline. Our dedication to fast turnaround times, exceptional product quality, and superior customer service makes us the ideal partner for your next construction project.

Ready to Showcase Your Project with Impact?

Elevate your construction site with professional signage from Fence Banner Mesh. We offer a wide range of customizable mesh and vinyl hoarding solutions designed to capture attention and effectively communicate your project’s message. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Lang Walker Medical Research Bldg

Intermain recently undertook an essential project at Fraser’s 2 Wonderland Drive in Eastern Creek, where secure and protected site fencing was a key requirement.

The main challenge in this project was the urgent need for rapid turnaround in the printing and artwork of fence banner mesh. This requirement was critical for ensuring the site’s security and protection, adhering to tight project timelines. The task was to deliver high-quality work within a remarkably short time frame, a demand that required immediate and focused action.

Recognising the urgency of project and aware of the deadline set by the client, we immediately gave their order top priority, moving it to the front of our print queue. Our team was dedicated to closely adhering to the specified timeline. Additionally, we established a strong partnership with our third-party installer. This partnership was crucial in ensuring that the installation process was not only timely and efficient but also aligned with the high standards expected by Intermain.

The selected product for this project was our Open Weave Banner Mesh, also known as Scrim. This product was ideal for the specific conditions at Fraser’s 2 Wonderland Drive for several reasons. Its 50% block-out feature allows wind to pass through, preventing a ‘sail’ effect, ideal for high wind or exposed sites.

The mesh is designed for durability, with a long shelf life of up to 2 years, and the resilience to be rolled, unrolled, and transported between sites. Each roll is 1.8m x 50m, user-friendly, and crafted from UV-treated polyester mesh.

Additionally, the product meets all OH&S requirements and includes reinforced strip welded/folded edge banding for enhanced durability.

The fence banner mesh project for Intermain at Fraser’s 2 Wonderland Drive is a testament to our ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising on product quality or installation efficiency. Our tailored solutions and proactive approach ensured that Intermain’s site was secured and protected on time, demonstrating our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in project execution.

If a banner mesh partner who combines precision and speed to meet your specific needs is what you’re seeking, look no further! We are here to help. Contact us now, and let’s explore how our dedication and expertise can be applied to elevate your next project.

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eastern creek mesh project mesh project eastern creek openweave mesh for intermain intermain project openweave mesh mesh installation eastern creek eastern creek mesh installation openweave installed eastern creek fraser property mesh project mesh project fraser property

The world of banner mesh has seen myriad advancements in recent times, and at Fence Banner Mesh, we’re always at the forefront of bringing the latest and greatest to our valued customers. That is why we’re excited to unveil our latest additions, designed to seamlessly merge form and function. Dive in and discover the magic behind our Access Way Premium Mesh and Exclusion Zone Premium Mesh.

Access Way Premium Mesh

If you’ve been searching for the ideal mesh to streamline movement and define pathways effortlessly, look no further. Our Access Way Premium Mesh 0.8m x 50m is your ultimate solution. Picture this: A large-scale event with hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees. How do you ensure smooth flow and guidance? Enter our Access Way premium mesh. At a convenient height of 0.8 meters and spanning a generous 50 meters, this mesh is the epitome of style meeting security.
But it’s not just about looks. This mesh boasts of visible markings positioned at a height of 0.8 meters, serving as a visual beacon to guide attendees. Whether it’s a bustling event, an industrial setting, or a construction site, the printed access way ensures orderly movement and utmost safety.

Exclusion Zone Premium Mesh

When you need to create a boundary that speaks authority, our Exclusion Zone Premium Mesh 0.8m x 50m is your go-to. This mesh doesn’t just mark territory—it defines it. Crafted for optimal reliability and durability, it’s the ideal choice for situations that demand stringent safety measures.

The highlight? Clear, unmistakable markings at 0.8 meters above ground level, signalling to everyone that this is a zone they need to respect. Whether it’s to ensure security, safety, or regulatory compliance, this premium mesh delivers an unparalleled performance.

To sum it up, Fence Banner Mesh continues to push the boundaries (pun intended!) in delivering top-notch fencing solutions. Whether it’s to guide, secure, or both, our new premium meshes are here to redefine the fencing landscape. Upgrade today and experience the Fence Banner Mesh difference! Don’t wait- contact us now to explore our latest collection and transform your space with unmatched quality.

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Access Way premium mesh front view Access Way premium mesh side view

exclusion zone mesh front view exclusion zone mesh side view