Banner mesh for construction firms

Nov 16, 2021

Fence Banner Mesh offers builders and developers a complete design and print service.

This means you can always get excellent quality banner mesh without the headaches of managing design, waiting on lengthy shipping times, or having to store bulk rolls of mesh.

We do it all for you!

Everything you need for banner mesh: all under one roof

The ordering and design process with us is seamless, with everything done in-house by our talented branding team in Sydney. Getting your design right is easy and hassle-free with our design service. We help builders and developers create a stand-out design that shows off their project, brand or logo.

Plus, not only do we offer a design service, but we also stock large quantities of plain white mesh allowing us to print long runs at short notice on our in-house printing presses. Our banner printing machines are running 24/7 to ensure that orders are shipped out fast to sites all over Australia.

And we don’t outsource our work to overseas printers: all our printing is done in house in Sydney using vinyl cutting printers, screen printers, pad printers and digital printers.

With a high level of control over the whole process, we can ensure your custom print orders are processed in the fastest time possible, and that you always get a quality result.

And, for builders that use a lot of mesh, we can offer bulk savings and even warehouse additional rolls for you so they are always ready to go when you set up a new site.

Printed Fence Wrap

An easy, 5 step process

1. Place your order by giving our friendly customer service team a call or emailing us with the amount of mesh you need.

2. Send us your existing design if you have one, or simply email us your logo and colours and we’ll design a striking, high-impact image to enhance your building site. Our in-house design team will help you get the best result that reflects your company’s professionalism and attention to detail.

3. Choose which type of mesh you need: open weave is best for windy areas and gives high print quality whilst allowing air to pass through easily. Premium banner mesh has a tighter weave and is better for photorealistic image reproduction.

4. Once you’ve approved your design we print it, finish it, add eyelets, hem the edges, add wind slits if you need them, and make any other customisations you require.

5. Your order is produced and delivered to site quickly, so you can install your banner mesh on your temporary fencing or cyclone fencing. Or, choose to have us store your rolls safely till you need them for your next job.


Buy banner mesh in bulk and save

Banner mesh is long-lasting but in tough environments like building sites, it does wear out after a couple of years of regular use. If you go through a lot of mesh or like to replace your mesh regularly so it always looks like new, we recommend buying in bulk.

Not only does this save you money with our bulk banner mesh pricing, but you’ll also ensure you have the same printed image across multiple rolls of mesh – a key consideration if you have multiple sites and want to make sure your branding is consistent.

We can store it for you so you’ll always be able to get custom banner mesh delivered to your site, fast! This means you don’t have to worry about waiting times to reprint, or storing bulk rolls of mesh at your depot and keeping them clean and looking good.

We’ll store your ready-made banner mesh rolls in our warehouses around Australia, clean and protected, ready for you to quickly access whenever you need them.

How it works

  • We print up a bulk run of banner mesh
  • The rolls are held in stock at our warehouses
  • You request rolls to be dispatched directly to site as needed
  • Saves you on freight, storage space and removes the stress of getting mesh printed at late notice!
  • Take the hassle out of branding your building site

    Cut out the middle man – go direct and save! Call the friendly branding team at Fence Banner Mesh and let us take care of your branding needs from start to finish.

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