Our customer, T1 Constructions, is working on three 12-storey buildings in Sydney’s West. The development known as ‘No 1 Zoe’ comprises 5680 square metres of retail and residential space spread across 12 levels.

With a new Good Luck Supermarket and 16 additional retail shops, this large commercial development in Mount Druitt will help cater to the growing population in the area.

The developers needed a cost-effective way to drum up interest in the development and generate sales enquiries for the luxury apartments.

With a significant area on the lower level enclosed with hoarding, this blank space presented an ideal area to advertise the project with printed logo and photo banners.



Fence Banner Mesh helped T1 Constructions promote the project with high-quality photo banners for the hoarding.

By printing their brand and contact details in large format, along with that of development partner GLP Developments, the banners provided an effective way to encourage passers-by to call for more information.

Additionally, the flagship supermarket that is planned for the retail plaza has been advertised in full-colour photos to garner extra interest from the public. This specialty supermarket is a key drawcard for the development and the photorealistic images provide a strong sense of what the finished development will look like.

Fence Banner Mesh supplied 250 metres of printed photo banners for the hoarding, along with 3 smaller two-metre wide banners. Our banner mesh features 80% print coverage with 20% airflow, meaning it is ideal for printing detailed photographs such as the supermarket image shown here.

Excellent detail and crisp images can be achieved with our high-quality inks and fast printing process, which is completed in-house in our Sydney facility.  If you need to print photos on rolls of mesh for your next project, our premium mesh is the ideal choice, providing great quality at an affordable price.



How long do fence banners last?

If you look after them and are using them in a fairly clean environment, fence banners can last up to 2 years. Although they don’t last forever, they are certainly reusable many times over on different jobs.

Even on construction sites which are typically not the cleanest environments, we often have customers rolling up their fence mesh banners after the job is complete and hanging them on the fence at the next project.

If you’re looking for printed shade cloth in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere across Australia, get in touch with Fence Banner Mesh for a long-lasting quality product.


What is the best material for outdoor printed fence banners?

Our custom fence banners are made from tough UV treated polypropylene which means they resist fading and are made for tough Australian conditions. Our outdoor banners are supplied hemmed to ensure they do not fray or fall apart. The poly banners also come with rust-resistant grommets or eyelets every metre, so you can easily fix them to your fence with cable ties.

This makes our printed temp fence wrap a winner for construction companies and event organisers.


What should I look for in a printed banner?

When comparing different printed banner suppliers in Australia, you should look for those that can supply:

UV stabilised fabric to ensure your design doesn’t fade. The harsh Australian sun can wreak havoc on cheap fabrics and prints. We make sure that not only our fabric is UV stabilised, but our printing inks are fit for purpose as well.

Banner mesh with adequate airflow for your site – if it’s located in a very windy or open area we recommend an open weave style that lets more air through and prevents the banner from tearing or acting as a sail. The other option is our regular premium mesh, which allows less air flow (80% instead of 50%) and does the same job, however, provides a slightly higher quality finish due to the more dense surface area for printing. This type is best for very intricate designs or reproducing photos.

simple and streamlined design and an easy approval process, as well as assistance with graphic design work. We can take care of the design from start to finish if you don’t have your own artwork. Make sure the supplier you choose offers this level of support if you need help with designing your patterned banner mesh. Our goal is to make your brand stand out for all the right reasons!


How long does it take to get my fence banners?

You might think that banner printing in Australia takes a long time. If you are on a deadline for an event or construction project, you need your fence signage printed ASAP! That’s why we endeavour to expedite every order. Our banner printing machines are running 24/7 to ensure that orders are shipped out fast. We print in our Arndell Park factory in Sydney and ship directly to sites all over Australia.

We don’t outsource our work: all our printing is done in house using vinyl cutting printers, screen printers, pad printers and digital printers. With control of the whole process, we can ensure your custom print orders are processed in the fastest time possible.


How much does it cost to print my fence banners?

Printed or patterned shade cloth is one of the most cost-effective methods to advertise your business. You can purchase single rolls, just a few metres, or receive a discount on large quantities. Our prices are very competitive and your mesh is printed right here in our Sydney factory.

Our 50 metre long printed builder rolls are a simple, cheap and easy solution for smaller construction projects. They offer construction and building company’s privacy, dust control and containment on smaller sites. Of course, if you have a much larger site we can supply multiple rolls – kilometres of fence mesh if necessary!

The more you buy, the cheaper the printed banners become, so get in touch for a fast quote for your next project.


South Australian builders Built Environs have secured the contract to build the Adelaide Oval Hotel, a $42m project that will see Adelaide Oval become the first stadium in Australia to feature an integrated hotel. This project is planned to be completed before September 2020 in time for the ICC T20 World Cup. The 138 room boutique hotel will be part of the stadium itself, with construction on site beginning in August 2019. Major construction works will begin at the conclusion of the AFL season.

The unique hotel will be built on two elevated pods that follow the external curves of the eastern façade of the stadium. This means it will not encroach on the surrounding parklands or the plaza, unobtrusively fitting into the existing oval structure.

Due to this external wraparound design, a construction zone encircling the oval was fenced off. This presented a great opportunity for Built Environs to advertise their brand on their temporary fencing, and the project managers sought a printed fence mesh supplier in Adelaide.



Our branding team supplied a range of fence mesh banners for this Adelaide project. Rather than one long run of fence mesh, Built Environs chose a series of 10 separate pieces ranging from 25m long to just 2.4m long that would fit neatly and seamlessly on the site fencing and scaffolding. This created a neat and professional appearance and allowed the company’s logo to shine.

Complete with custom wind slits every 2 metres, the premium fence fabric provided high print quality whilst also allowing wind to pass through. This prevented the mesh from acting like a sail when it was installed on the temporary fencing.

Our premium fence mesh is strong yet lightweight and comes complete with eyelets allowing it to be quickly fixed to site fencing. Made from a smooth perforated polyester, it typically has 80% print surface with 20% airflow; more with the addition of optional wind slits.

The plain fence mesh fabric provides a receptive base for our Absorb-Plus inks. These bright, opaque inks ensure excellent print reproduction on both simple and intricate designs.


Site Photos


Our customer ADCO secured the $75m design contract to upgrade Wenty Leagues club in Sydney’s west. ADCO began working on the Wenty Leagues Master Plan early in 2018. With Stage A works complete, visitors are now enjoying a casual dining and entertainment precinct which includes one of the largest kitchen fit-outs in Sydney.

ADCO is now continuing with Stage B of the Master Plan which covers the refurbishment of the existing club building. Works will continue through 2019 with an estimated completion date of early 2020.

With the construction team on site from January 2018, ADCO was looking for a way to advertise their brand and promote their association with this key leisure hub, which has the benefit of high pedestrian traffic exposure and extensive highway frontage. Additionally, ADCO wanted to ensure their brand stood out amongst the other construction firms working on various parts of the club.

Large format fence mesh signage was found to be an ideal solution with which ADCO could showcase their brand and the partnership with Wenty Leagues.


ADCO used the iconic magpie logo along with their own logo and tag line on the fence mesh, which was printed in house locally by our branding team. 15 rolls totalling 750 metres were used throughout the project, to cover unsightly site office areas and to act as dust control. This was important as the club is still operating as usual throughout the renovations, and it was critical to ensure the impact on patrons was minimised.

Fence Banner Mesh’s premium fence mesh signage is made from a high-quality fine mesh fabric, with standard rolls measuring 1.6 metres high. Manufactured from super tough UV-treated polyester, it stands up to the rigours of heavy-duty construction sites.

This premium fence mesh signage provides 80% blockout and 20% airflow, and comes with finished edges and eyelets every metre, for easy installation on your temporary fence. Fence Banner Mesh applies a full-colour print to white fabric, which is printed in house. This enables us to achieve excellent quality and fast turnaround. The polyester banner mesh is an excellent receptive base for our inks, which give an excellent finish whether you choose a simple or elaborate design.