Using printed fence fabric for community engagement

Oct 06, 2020

Many civil, construction and infrastructure projects incorporate a large community consultation component. This typically includes interaction with residents and businesses in the surrounding area who will be directly impacted by a project or development.

Community consultation and providing regular, accurate information is key to ensuring that your project runs smoothly and is not fraught with complaints and concerns from people who have not been fully informed of planned construction.

What better way to do this than with large format printed fence mesh!

Communicating to the Public with Fence Mesh

One of the best ways to ensure the community stays informed throughout the entire process, not just initial planning, is to provide a way to communicate the project’s purpose and deliverables at the actual site.

This ensures that all local residents, businesses and also intermittent users of the area can be kept informed of the project as it progresses. Whilst letterbox flyers and online advertising are important, they often do not capture temporary users of the area, such as people who work near the construction site or only visit the area for recreation purposes.

On-site advertising of the project with the help of printed fence mesh ensures that you capture all possible stakeholders, not just those in the nearby streets.

Print Your Messages, Project Goals and Timelines

Fence fabric is a perfect solution for community engagement officers, stakeholder management teams and project managers wishing to convey information about their project.

Providing informative, positive and goal-oriented wording on your fence fabric helps to build momentum for a project, encourages positivity and acceptance, and helps to keep local residents focussed on the final outcome rather than focussing on temporary noise issues or access restrictions.

Likewise, adding projected completion dates to your fence banner keeps the public reassured of the temporary nature of the project.

Tell People Where to Find More Information

Although standard construction site signs contain contact details for the site, often it’s more appropriate to provide a more general contact for the public to find additional information and sign up for updates to the project online.

Including your contact details on printed fence mesh ensures enquiries are directed to a single approved source of information. Plus, the large format printing allows for easy identification of this information by the public, even from a distance or from a moving vehicle.

printed scrim

Case Study Example:
How Sydney Water used Printed Fence Fabric to convey information to the public

System used: Premium printed fence fabric
Customer: Sydney Water & Comdain
Project: Waterway Health Improvement Program
Install length: 50m

Project Overview

The 6.9 hectare Milson Park is located in Westmead, cut down the centre by Finlayson Creek. This creek runs through the park and connects to Toongabbie Creek, and unfortunately, both are highly polluted due to the surrounding high-density urban environment.

As part of an overall transformation project encompassing the massive Westmead hospital precinct, the Milson Park area has been identified as an area ripe for renewal. With strong projected growth in the coming years, the area will be turned into a valuable recreational community space.

In a partnership with Sydney Water, Parramatta City Council is working to improve the overall health of the waterway and catchment and work on improved pedestrian and cycleway connections to Parramatta CBD. Stage 1 involves the construction of natural wetlands, increasing connections to ecological areas, and improved pedestrian and cycle connections.

An additional Stage 2 will centre around BBQ and picnic areas, and a potential community garden.

How Printed Project Signage keeps people informed

In this example, the project’s key message was printed in large format on the mesh: ‘We’re building a wetland to improve waterway health and create a better place for the community to enjoy”.

This simple sentence provides a positive and uplifting impression to the local community, and the contact email address and phone number direct people to additional online information.

Quality printed construction mesh that improves the look of your project

For this project, the team chose to use our premium mesh, a tightly woven polypropylene mesh that allows 20% airflow and 80% print coverage. The fence mesh measures 1.8m high making it perfect to fix to any temporary fence or cyclone fencing.

Sydney Water used two 5 metre wide panels of information that were repeated every 10 metres to provide a repetitive pattern that was fixed around the perimeter fencing on site.

This fence mesh is also available in 1.6m wide rolls, in shorter and longer lengths, and in a looser weave style that is particularly suited to exposed or windy sites.

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