What is the Best Banner Mesh for High Wind Sites?

Apr 06, 2020

Our banner mesh fence fabric is a strong yet lightweight shadecloth that is available in different fabric weights. This woven polypropylene mesh is highly receptive to large format printing, resulting in brilliantly coloured, high impact advertising on your temporary fence.

Banner mesh is often seen on temporary fencing and perimeter fences of new housing developments, construction sites, redevelopment projects and all sorts of other construction jobs. It is also commonly used for events such as sales, for example at a car dealership or big box retail store.


How does fence fabric handle the wind?

Wind resistance is a key factor in the durability and lifespan of banner mesh. Installing tight weave mesh in a windy environment can act like a sail, adding strain on the banner. The added pressure will increase the chance of rips, tears, and pulling around the eyelets.

Some sites, especially in coastal or rural areas, can be susceptible to strong winds and wild weather. However, when you choose the right mesh for the job and it is installed properly, fence fabric should stand up to windy weather.


What is the best banner mesh for windy areas?

One particular type of banner mesh – our open weave mesh – is designed to be more wind resistant. This open weave type has 50% blockout and 50% airflow. It is made from a looser weave than our premium banner mesh, which has only 20% airflow. 


The loose weave mesh enables the wind to pass through without causing it to act as a sail. It also reduces the chances of the fence mesh catching the wind and causing your temporary fencing to tip over.


Open weave banner mesh specifications

– 50% airflow

– 50% blockout

– 1.6m high

– 50m rolls as standard

– UV treated polyester mesh


Where can I buy custom printed banner mesh?

Fence Banner Mesh has been supplying printed fence fabric to Australian businesses for many years. We run our own printing presses at our Sydney production facility, and we ship everywhere around the country.

Our standard banner mesh rolls measure 50 metres long, however, it’s easy to order smaller quantities – or much larger quantities!

Give our friendly team a call to discuss your requirements.

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