Fire Retardant Fence Mesh

May 15, 2019

Construction site fires can quickly become catastrophic incidents when shade cloth, scaffold containment netting or fence mesh catches alight.

Consequently, there has recently been a crackdown on requirements for construction contractors to use flame retardant shadecloth fabrics throughout their sites. This includes containment netting or shadecloth for scaffolding, as well as fire resistant fence mesh.


Fire Resistant Fence Mesh Regulations

Although Safe Work Australia states that ‘there is no current Australian standard or industry guidance that prescribes acceptable performance criteria for the flammability of containment netting/sheeting’ you can still protect your workers and your site as far as possible by choosing a fire resistant fence mesh.

Reputable suppliers will ensure that fire-resistant fence mesh is tested thoroughly. However, there is no clear cut pass or fail. Instead, fire resistant fence mesh is rated on how easily it ignites and how much heat it generates. These factors along with the smoke that develops and the spread of flame, result in an index rating.

As a general guide, materials with very low range numbers (closer to 0) are deemed to have fire resistant properties.


Fire retardant fence mesh 

Our premium fire resistant fence mesh is constructed from PVC coated polyester, infused with flame retardant compounds. Ultimately this results in a product that is less likely to catch alight and cause a large blaze on site.

Designed to comply with Australian flammability testing procedures, fire resistant fence mesh is ideal for surrounding building sites where fire resistant properties are crucial.

Plus, custom printing is what we specialise in, so you can tick all the boxes with a product that provides privacy, advertises your brand, and also complies with fire retardant guidelines.

A standard roll measures 50 metres long and is constructed from tough UV treated mesh. Premium fence fabric provides 80% reduced visibility (or block out). Additionally, it features reinforced strip welded or folded edge banding and eyelets every metre for easy installation on your temporary fence. It can be used as fire-resistant site mesh, scrim, scaffold mesh, general site shade cloth or fence mesh.


Full colour banner mesh printing



Open Weave Fabric Regulatory indices:

Ignitability: 0/20

Spread of Flame: 0/10

Heat Evolved: 0/10

Smoke Developed: 5/10


Premium Fence Fabric Test Results:

Meets Class B1 building materials requirements of DIN4102-1



Fence Banner Mesh’s fire-resistant fence mesh is tested to Australian Standards. Specifically, the standard AS/NZS 1530.3:1999 relates to methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures.

During this test, a sample is held vertically in front of a heat source and gradually moved closer to the flame until it ignites. Calculations made from this experiment result in the fabric’s index numbers. As a result, the test defines the ignitability index, the spread of flame index, the heat evolved index and the smoke developed index.

Based on these values, the material can be given a pass or fail in the context of the relevant Australian Building Code, although there is no clear definition of what constitutes a pass or fail. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek specialist advice to see if the flammability indices for this fire-resistant fence mesh are an ideal choice for your site.


Printed fire resistant fence mesh

Our fence mesh enables you to promote your project or brand on your temporary fencing, as it is supplied printed with your own design.

At our in-house custom printing facility, our printing team applies your full-colour print onto white fabric. Our fire resistant fence mesh is an excellent receptive base for our Absorb-Plus inks. Our print process gives the ability to print both elaborate designs as well as simple block printing.

No matter how big or colourful your design, it will transfer accurately to our mesh! 

Ultimately, the result is a multi-purpose product which provides privacy on site, captures debris and dust, promotes your brand, and provides peace of mind with its fire retardant properties.


Learn more

With a huge range of custom options, it can be hard to find the best fence mesh for your needs. Our specialist team can assist you with detailed information on fabrics, designs and finishing options, ensuring you achieve the best result. Give Fence Banner Mesh a call today!

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