How to Install Fence Wrap

Aug 28, 2019

How to install fence wrap on chain link fencing

Once your freshly printed mesh arrives at your site, it’s easy to unroll and install on your site fencing.

Installing your fence wrap on chain link fencing is straightforward, provided you keep in mind that tension in the fabric is what will make the mesh look its best. If your banner is allowed to sag when you are fixing it to the fence, you will lose the tension that makes it look neat and tidy.

Here are our suggestions for getting the maximum impact from your new fence wrap.

Check the size: Ensure you have the right height mesh for your fence, with a little extra breathing space. Depending on your site, it can be good to allow for some space at the bottom so that the mesh doesn’t crumple and pleat on the ground, or get caught on grass or weeds.

Plan your installation: Install your mesh in good weather, and when you have another person to help you.

Unpack it: Unpackage the roll of mesh next to where you want to start placing it on your fence. Have your colleague support the mesh while you stretch it out across the fence bit by bit, fixing it as you go.

Cable tie it to the fence: Begin to tie the top edge of the mesh to the fence with cable ties. Lace the cable ties through the eyelets and through your fencing. Jaybro’s fence mesh is supplied with eyelets every metre on the top and bottom edges. This enables you to fix the mesh at regular intervals and have it hang nice and flat.

Finish by fixing the bottom cable ties to the fence in the same manner.

Remember, your mesh could be in place for well over a year, so the fabric will naturally gain some stretch and movement after being pulled taut. Repeated strong wind exposure may also make your fabric sag, so every now and then you may like to maintain your fence mesh by adding additional cable ties or repositioning the mesh so that it looks fresh and flat.


Fence Wrap Basics

Start advertising your project before it’s built with printed fence mesh!

We produce kilometres of mesh signage every day for some of the country’s biggest construction firms. Smart companies know the value of this high impact yet economical advertising material.

Your perimeter fence naturally creates a large advertising space that is perfect for promoting your project, brand, clients or even an artists impression of your development.

Our custom printed fence wrap is all looked after in house by our team – from design, to print, to shipping. Having one point of contact makes the process easy and stress-free, and keeping everything under one roof means we can keep a close eye on quality, and ensure your order is shipped the moment it’s ready.

How does Fence Banner Mesh design my fence mesh?

You can simply send us finished artwork, or if you’d like us to design your mesh for you, our friendly branding team can help!

Our designers are experts at putting together an eye-catching design for you so that you can get maximum return on investment. We’ll lay up your design and send you a proof, including the repetition of your design, so you can get an idea of how it will look on long stretches of mesh.

Is fence wrap the same as printed shadecloth?

Our fence wrap is a finer weave than printed shadecloth, although the term printed shadecloth is used interchangeably. Printed shadecloth is a more coarse woven material, whilst the polyester mesh used to create fence wrap is smoother with a more refined finish.

Does Fence Banner Mesh print my fence wrap overseas?

No – everything is printed and finished in Sydney using our own printing presses and eyeleting machines. Fence Banner Mesh is your local printed fence wrap supplier with a fully kitted out production facility in Arndell Park. Our centrally located warehouses in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra mean that you can buy fence mesh from us and have it shipped to you quickly and without hassles.


Advice on the best mesh for your needs

With a huge range of custom options, it can be hard to find the best fence mesh for your needs. Our corporate branding specialists can assist you with detailed information on fabrics, designs and finishing options, ensuring you achieve the best result. Call our team on 1300 885 364.

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