Event Signage

Organising an event anytime soon? Don’t skip on the most crucial and effective piece of the marketing campaign – event signage. At Fence Banner Mesh, we understand the importance and versatility of their use, so we make sure we deliver the highest quality event signage products at the most competitive price on the market.


When planning a large open-space event, organisation of the space can be quite challenging. Surely, the most practical and cost-effective way to create zones and limit crowd movement is to set up event signage! They will help the event visitors navigate easily and will at the same time serve as great promotional material for the event itself.

It is also highly likely you will have certain areas reserved for event participants only – take advantage of event signage to restrict movement and provide the best possible experience for the stars of the event and the staff.


Aside from being an exceptionally effective promotional material, event signage can help people quickly find their way in large masses and event areas. Regardless of the quality of the program you are offering, if people don’t manage to locate the ticket booth, drinks, food and toilet with ease, they are likely to leave the event unhappy with the experience they had. Take advantage of event signage to clearly define the most important points – just don’t forget to place the name of the event and the logo somewhere on the banner mesh!


Found any sponsors for your event? Then put up their name on Fence Banner Mesh event signage and promote them! Your event serves as a great branding opportunity for them, and the better you present them, the higher the chances are they will be willing to invest in some of your other future endeavors as well!


Check out the variety of our event signage products and find the ones that best suit your needs!

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