Making an impact with printed scrim

Dec 02, 2019

3 ways to make an impact with scrim

Banner mesh, fence mesh or printed mesh is a simple yet effective way to promote your brand, message or project. A large-format sign printed on material similar to shadecloth is sure to catch the eye of passers-by and promote your business 24/7.

However, it pays to keep a few key points in mind when you are designing your printed mesh. Things like the choice of colours, graphics or just the overall layout of your design can make a difference to how effective your advertising message is.

Here are our top three key tips to get the maximum out of your printed mesh.



Some brands naturally have very bold, heavy logos that will stand out no matter how they are placed. On the other hand, some companies have quite subtle logos or lightweight type in their logo.

Whilst you may not have the ability to change your logo, you can work around it to produce the best effect. Think about some of the general principles of design: these include repetition, scale, contrast and the use of white space. If you have quite a delicate logo, it may pay off to print it at a large size, or repeat it in a pattern.

If you haven’t designed printed mesh before, think about other mesh you have seen or even billboards near the roadside: what do you find most effective? Clear messages with just a couple of words or one or two large photos are often the most successful ads.

However printed scrim isn’t always hung around a roadside construction site: if your mesh is likely to be seen by pedestrians more than motorists, then more intricate messages would be more appropriate, as pedestrians will be travelling more slowly and have more time to absorb your advertising.



It seems obvious to choose your corporate colours, however sometimes if you have pastel or lighter colours, or a wide range of colours in your logo, it could be a better choice to go for large block colours.

Or, why not choose one main colour from your corporate colour palette and use contrast to your advantage? This can be effective too if you have to represent sponsors, partners or other brands on your mesh.

Sometimes, it pays to use as much colour as possible! Fence Banner Mesh’s printed scrim is very receptive to our HP printing inks and a very colourful or intricate design can also be effective when placed in the right location.


Keep it simple

Remember that in most cases, people will be viewing your printed mesh from a car as they pass by, and therefore will have just a second or two for your brand or message to sink in.

A clear, simple, bold message is often the most effective solution. You could also take advantage of an alternating pattern, for example, a large logo across a few metres of mesh, followed by a panel that has more detailed information (eg: a web address, or other partner logos).

This gives you the best of both worlds: you are supporting other companies that are involved in the project, but you are also conveying your brand in a bold and unmistakable way.


Need help designing your printed mesh?

Fence Banner Mesh has supplied printed scrim, shadecloth and fence banners to Australian businesses for many years. If you need assistance with a quote, advice on design, or just want to ask a question about printed scrim, get in touch with our branding experts today.

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