Marketing with Mesh

May 22, 2019

Marketing with Mesh: 4 tips for using your fence as a canvas

Temporary fencing provides a great place for you to advertise your brand on site. It’s a huge blank canvas that can be put to good use with a simple solution.

By covering your temporary fencing in a printed lightweight fabric known as banner mesh or fence mesh, you’ve got a massive ready-made advertising billboard around the perimeter of your site.

If you’re planning on endorsing your brand in large print, there are some things you should consider.

1. It’s all about the design

A great looking design is easy on the eye and will be more easily registered by passers-by. This could be a simple logo or a full colour photograph that is clear and striking.

Take into account placement and readability if you’re using text. With thousands of fonts available; remember to choose one that is readable. The most important aspect is readability, otherwise, people can miss your message. Keep in mind that your corporate font may not always be the ideal choice. Heavy bold fonts are easier to read from far away.

Also, check you’ve got good quality images. Most companies usually have a high-resolution logo that’s big enough for large format printing. However if you want to include a product image or perhaps an image of another building project, for example, the picture needs to be large at 300dpi. This is the regular printing standard for high-quality print media, magazines and the like.

If you’re not sure if your images are good enough, our friendly branding team can help out.

2. Think about your audience

If you’re site is positioned alongside a motorway with cars speeding past at 100km/hr or more, you’re not going to want a complicated message or design that is hard to read. Likewise, if your site is near a train line: you’ve only got a matter of seconds for your message to sink in.

For these types of locations, a large bold logo or just one or two words can be effective, especially if it is printed with lots of repetition. Large construction companies for example often repeat their company name or logo in a bold font every few meters.

On the other hand, fences positioned along popular pedestrian areas can afford to have much more detail, as the majority of your audience will be walking by.

3. Think about your overall marketing strategy

If you’ve got a well-known tag line, a mascot, or a particular image that represents your brand, use it! The reuse of a familiar image helps tie it together with your overall marketing plan and links it to other advertising you might be doing.

But at the same time, keep it simple: if it’s not something that would transfer well to a large outdoor advertising medium, keep it for smaller advertising channels.

Simplicity is paramount!


4. Install it properly so it looks great

A shabby, poorly installed fence mesh with wrinkles and irregular fixings won’t make a good impression. Fence mesh is fitted with eyelets and is therefore easily installed to cyclone fence, temporary fence panels and aluminium security fencing with cable ties.

When you install your mesh, ensure it is sitting flat and tie it at regular intervals using all the eyelets. This will ensure it hangs flat and your message or design give the most impact.


And finally, buy from a reputable store that can produce the right product that looks great, lasts well and can ship mesh direct to your site with fast turnaround. 

We can help! Call our friendly team today for advice and assistance in getting the best product for your needs. 

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