New Year, New Look

Mar 16, 2020

New Year, New Look: Printed Mesh for Your EOFY Sales

Promoting your end of financial year sales with printed shade cloth is a great way to advertise to your local customer base!


Printed shade cloth is commonly used around construction sites, new residential developments and on other large-format perimeter fences. However, it’s also a cheap and effective way to market your business, advertise a sale or promote your brand.

Using a fresh roll of printed shade cloth to market your end of year sales is affordable and easy. It doesn’t take long for our printing specialists in Western Sydney to print your custom mesh with usually just a week or so lead time. This means you can fix your custom printed shade cloth mesh to your fence or building fast, advertising great deals to your customers for the longest possible time period. (Please make sure you get in touch to see what our current accurate lead time is as our workload can fluctuate).


Why is printed shade cloth better? 

In contrast to large rigid signs, mesh banners are really easy to handle. You can roll them up and store them away for the next sale or event, and they can last a number of years if you take good care of them. This means printed banner mesh works out to be a highly cost-effective advertising medium.

The initial outlay is relatively cheap, and you can customise the graphics completely to suit your own needs. Plus the print quality is excellent for both huge graphics and even more intricate images.


What kind of mesh is best for your business? 

Supplied in standard rolls measuring 50 metres long, banner mesh enables businesses to advertise huge graphics, text and logos. Fence Banner Mesh has no minimum order quantity so even if you only need 10 metres of mesh, we can help you out.

We are very flexible with print lengths and can supply the exact amount of banner mesh you require for your individual business.

Our mesh comes in two types – open weave and premium. Open weave mesh allows 50% of the air to flow through, and the premium mesh allows 20%.

The 50% open weave mesh banner rolls are great for sites in very windy locations. This open weave style allows the wind to pass through without the mesh acting as a sail.

The premium mesh has a tighter weave and therefore more print area, with 80% blockout and 20% airflow. This is suitable for most locations and provides a slightly better result for more detailed prints such as gradients, photographs, fine details, and thin lines.

Made from a quality woven polypropylene mesh, both styles have a very smooth finish.


Excellent large format print quality

Advertising your tax time sales to local customers is easy with our custom printed shade cloth.

Both our premium mesh and open weave mesh ensure high visibility advertising, with mesh heights of either 1.6 metres or 1.8 metres. You can print a huge message, discount or sale sign and have it work for you 24/7. 


Order now in time for your EOFY sales events

Call our friendly team at Fence Banner Mesh – we can assist with quotations, determining how much mesh you need, artwork specifications and more. Call 1300 885 364 today!

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