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    Anti-gawk banners create a unique opportunity for you to promote your brand. Generally mounted to traffic barriers and deployed along main roads and highways. Anti-Gawking is ideal for promoting your brand, products and services to passers-by.

    The benefits of Anti-gawk Banners

    Use anti-gawk banner on your screens to cover up unsightly work zones; whilst provide exceptional brand awareness.

    A companies brand is its best asset. Human nature tells us to go with the option we recognise and trust. Anti-gawking banners build brand awareness by displaying your logo, project name or brand.

    The best banner for the Job

    Fence Banner Mesh will work with you to deliver the perfect solution. Choose from traditional banner mesh, PVC vinyl or adhesive vinyl options. All designed to meet your needs and budget.

    How to promote your brand effectively

    Appealing to potential customers is the most effective way to build brand awareness. Staying in front of mind and being relevant to customer’s needs is the key to any brands success.

    For civil and construction contractors, showing your brand on and around a work site. Providing visual presence of your brand on these work sites shows your involvement. Let potential customers associate your brand to job sites and projects with anti-gawk banners.


    What is my choice of materials for anti-gawk banners
    Depending on your style of anti-gawk screen, we are able to create banners out of any of our substrates and we'll help guide you with the best choice for your screen.

    For example: If your anti-gawk is installed in a high wind area, like a freeway, we'd recommend an open weave mesh with good airflow. If you have a fluted style screen with a flush surface, a vinyl adhesive wrap would work best.

    The options are endless, we can work with your budget and requirements to deliver an outstanding banner ideal for promoting your brand, products or services.

    Do you print in-house?
    Yes, all printing and finishing are done in-house by our team of experts. This guarantees we oversee the process from start to finish. Monitoring the quality of every print every step of the way.

    How do I supply my Artwork files?
    Logos are best supplied as vector files, .pdf or .EPS formats. All other images should be supplied as high resolution (300dpi) jpeg format. copy/text supplied in email or word document.

    product review

    An Anti-gawk screen is heavy-duty signage designed to be used on civil and construction projects to effectively reduce the visibility of the work conducted behind the signage. At Fence Banner Mesh, we provide our customers with first class anti-gawk screens that are approved to Australian standards. They meet all construction regulations and are bound to protect pedestrians from loose debris. To make sure our anti-gawk screens are designed in accordance with the highest safety regulations, our staff carefully selects and examines all products from our offer.

    The anti-gawk screens you get at Fence Banner Mesh are easy to install, so you won’t require professional help. They are lightweight, but extremely durable, even in some of the harshest weather conditions. While they provide the highest levels of safety, they also allow a sufficient amount of air to pass through, thus creating a pleasant working environment. Anti-gawk screens are also a great outdoor advertising material. They are an opportunity for local business owners to promote their business and reach a wider audience.