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    Custom printed building wraps are a picture-perfect solution for covering-up unsightly demolition and construction projects, concealing renovations and utilising the skyline Adversting space.

    Increase brand awareness - A large format banner placed on your next project will ensure maximum exposure for your project and business. In today’s competitive markets, the most valuable asset to any business is their brand.

    Driving your business’s brand to market characterises who you are and what your company stands for. A strong brand enables people to associate their experiences with your business, even if they are not a customer.

    Seeing your brand keeps it first of mind, which in turn makes attracting new opportunity to your business a lot easier. People worldwide are more like to use a brand they know and trust.

    By printing your logo in large format banner mesh and displaying it on and around your project, you are increasing brand awareness and public prospection.


    Fence Banner Mesh creates large format prints that build brand awareness, promote developments and reduces the visual impact on surrounding occupants.

    Building wraps, banner mesh and scaffolding scrim is the ideal platform for delivering impactive print to promote your brand or project. Printed façade, murals and brand logos are a popular choice for covering up construction site scaffolding.


    What is large format digital printing?
    Digital printing enables us to delivery whatever design is present on the screen. Straight from the computer to the printer and onto the mesh. Using specialised HP printing technology. The process allowing for the printing of many colours all at once onto white banner mesh.

    Working on the same principles as a home printer. Our printer uses superior UV inks that are weather resistant and can print on large rolls on mesh banner material.

    What is the longest length of banner mesh?
    Our standard length mesh rolls are 50 meters long. Building wraps are seam welded together to increase the width of the banner, this welding enables us to print banners that are much wider than a printer would normally allow.

    What is the printable area of the banner?
    Fence Banner mesh’s printing setup enables us to provide partial to full print coverage. There are very few limits to what we are able to produce.

    product review

    Building wraps are an ideal solution for covering up construction work and renovations, or simply unsightly buildings. At Fence Banner Mesh, we also offer you an opportunity to display a large scale advertisement across the building wrap and thus promote your business, products, and services.

    Fence Banner Mesh offers uniquely designed building wraps that will reflect your business culture and brand identity. Communicate your vision with us and you will realise it thanks to our design experts who have years of experience working on similar projects.

    All the products from our offer are carefully selected by the members of our staff, who make sure that our banner mesh not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Fence Banner Mesh building wraps are simple to set up by anyone and are highly durable. They are suitable for high winds.