Open Weave 1.7m

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Height 1.7m

Length 50m

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Open Weave 1.7m

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    Grab a bargain on 1.7 x 50m rolls of custom printed open weave banner mesh. The recommended choice for high wind and coastal exposed work applications.

    This cost-effective solutions provides 50% block out, allowing for an even flow of wind. The loose open weave mesh design allows for a solid print.

    The open weave construction of this mesh allows for little wind resistance, the key factor in its durability and long lifespan on site.

    When a closed weave mesh banner is installed in windy zones it will act like a sail, adding strain on the banner and eyelets. Exposing tight weave banners to these conditions increases the chance of rips, tears, and eyelets pulling out.

    Promoting your brand with Outdoor Banners

    This UV treated polyester banner mesh can endure long hot days in the Australian sun. A 175 gsm fabric weight and eyelets every 1 m, the perfect banner for promote your business, products and services.

    Why choose Fence Banner Mesh

    We are a trusted supplier of fence banners to the civil and construction industry. Printing exceptional banner mesh to the highest standards!

    Our experience enables us to offer the fastest turn around times in the market as we print inhouse. Our experienced staff and state of the art equipment will provide you with the results you want.


    What is the difference between the mesh?
    Premium is 80% Blockout and 20% Air breathability
    Open Weave 50% Blockout and 50% Air breathability
    Vinyl is 100% Blockout

    What are the open weave fixing options?
    1. Hemmed and Eyeleted
    2. 6 mm Rope Edge

    What are the standard open weave roll sizes?
    The standard roll is 50 metres in length and either 1.6 m or 1.8 m high. It offers 50% blockout with a fabric weight of 175 gsm.

    How do I supply my design?
    Supplying the creative materials for us to design artwork is simple. Common methods for file transfer are via email or web file sharing applications.

    For the best results please use the following guide:

    1. Logos should be supplied as vector files, .pdf or .EPS formats
    2. Images should be supplied in high resolution (300dpi) jpeg format
    3. Text can be supplied via email or word document

    How long will the banner last?
    Fence Banner Mesh prides its self on our reputation. We manufacture our products using the finest quality materials from inks to mesh.
    Our products come with a 3 year UV Print Warranty for added peace of mind. We supply civil and construction contractors with products made tough for these trades.

    Is Fence Banner Mesh competitively priced?
    The short answer is yes! We understand that every business has different goals and budgets. We’ll work with you to determine the best outcome for your needs. Fence Banner Mesh has transparent pricing! There are no hidden costs, you'll get a quoted price before we begin and that’s all you will pay.

    How do I install the banner mesh?
    The finished banner comes hemmed and eyeleted ready for installation. Cable ties are the quickest and easiest way to attach the banner mesh to most things. Rope or tie wire is an option, but common practice is cable ties.

    Looking for more information?
    Read our detailed article on the top things you need to know about banner mesh and how premium mesh differs from open weave banner mesh.

    product review

    Ever since our business began, Fence Banner Mesh has focused on collecting an array of signage that would serve the largest number of clients in a wide range of situations. For those who need to put up the banner mesh in areas known for high and strong winds, we have sourced quality open weave banner mesh, specially designed for such harsh conditions.

    They are also popular for their versatility of use - not only will they ensure an advertisement stands tall and undamaged for long periods of time (subject to proper installation). Whether it is on a construction site or an event, the open weave will keep people and items stored safely from strong winds.

    At Fence Banner Mesh, you can find an open weave banner mesh or scrim of any size and design. You can get in touch with one of our professionals at any time - tell us what your needs are and we will advise you on the best size of the banner mesh, as well as explain how to set it up on your own. We are also more than happy to specially design an open weave mesh to best present your business, logo and message.