Getting the most out of printed banner mesh

If your looking to invest in printed banner mesh, this article is for you!

The Australian marketplace has matured into a very competitive playing field. The continued rise of online shopping and omi-channel marketing has left businesses fighting for brand recognition.

Over the past decade, many brands have started using any available space to promote their brand, products and service. Advertising on perimeter fencing, building facades and equipment is a cost-effective solution to traditional billboards.

This in turn has created a pitfall for the consumer: the rise in demand for large format printing has also driven an increase in poor quality banners. Less reputable suppliers are offshoring their orders to the customer’s detriment.

1. How to avoid the pitfalls of buying printed banner mesh

Ensure you choose a supplier who prints their own banners! By using a supplier who has the capability to print in-house and locally you can be sure they have full control over the quality of the work.

Banner Mesh suppliers who invested in the appropriate equipment are more likely to have an industry background and the ability to deliver a high quality product.

2. Marketing your business with a banner

Choosing the right partner to print your banner is only the first step, even the most qualified supplier won’t know your brand, products or services as well as you! Make sure you take the time to work with your supplier. If you’re looking for the best result you need to make sure you provide what is needed. Having your logo in hi-resolution and double checking the artwork and proofs before giving the supplier the ok to start printing is a crucial step.

Choosing a clear and easy to read font is very important – a professional supplier can advise you on the best choice of fonts. Branding is a very important factor if your brand has a specific style guide. Keep these in mind when thinking about your design.

3. Choosing a Banner Colour Combination

Selecting the appropriate colour combinations can be tough, but these few points can help.
1. If your business has a corporate style guide, its best to use it.
2. Choose colours that are bold and easy to read up close or from a distance
3. Use a colour scheme that contrasts with the surrounding environment – stand out!

4. What are you trying to achieve

Ask yourself ‘what is the purpose of this banner?’. This is a great starting point to considering how to advertise your brand or project. Understanding what you want to achieve from your banner will help plot a path for your banner to follow. From building brand awareness to drumming up hype for a new property development, it’s important that you set the tone for your banner before you commit to printing it.

5. Use Quality Assets

Get the most out of your investment in banner mesh means having your advertising assets ready. These include images and logos. Using high quality photos and graphics is the key to producing outstanding banners. If you don’t have a keen eye for design or need assistance with artwork, ask for help! Hiring a photographer or graphic artist and reaching out to your supplier for help with design upfront can reduce headaches down the track.