About the Project:

Fence Banner Mesh provided developers Parkview with over 300 square metres of vinyl jumpform banners. 

Our customer Parkview are currently working on a residential building development which is located at 286 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW. The development is valued at $90 million and will ultimately serve sectors including residential, commercial and retail. Not only will this impressive building have 152 hotel suites but also residential apartments. Additionally, the apartments will span across 25 levels. What’s more, the plans include amenities such as gyms, swimming pools and underground parking.

With ground space in short supply and 25 floors to construct, Parkview looked at a vertical construction system. They chose a jumpform climbing form system to construct the vertical elements of the development. This highly productive system increased speed and efficiency of the build whilst minimizing crane and labour time. Additionally, the robust modular system allowed workers to achieve a high quality surface finish on this project.

Given these points, Parkview’s project managers decided to take advantage of the jumpform as a communication tool. The highly visible location in Sydney’s bustling Sussex Street presented a prime opportunity to illustrate the company’s brand. Parkview therefore identified jumpform banners as a way to provide large format advertising.

Our Solution: Jumpform Banners

During the construction of the building, Parkview contacted Fence Banner Mesh to create custom printed vinyl jumpform banners for their site. Production of 330 square metres of banners took just 7 days,  and additionally installation also seven days. Fence Banner Mesh attached silver aluminium sail tracking to the jumpform banners, thereby enabling easy installation. attach the banners to the jumpform, thereby providing a smooth clean finish once installed.

Vinyl jumpform banners are attention-grabbing and therefore high impact, whilst being inexpensive. Typically used on construction site hoarding, these jumpform banners used at the Sussex Street development had a high impact print. The banners are lightweight and reusable, therefore making them versatile for different projects.

Fence Banner Mesh creates jumpform banners and hoarding banners in any size you need. With our friendly team offering help with artwork, we can create a banner with your unique brand messages. PVC vinyl banners are one of our most sought after banner materials. The substrate offers high fidelity print finish on 100% block-out PVC vinyl. In addition to aluminium sail tracking as used on this project, we can also offer a hemmed and eyeletted finish and kedar edging.

The project is due for completion in 2019.

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About the Project:

Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro Project is now underway across Sydney and will cost $12.5 billion. Sydney Metro City & Southwest Project will deliver 7 new stations and will span 30 kilometres from Chatswood to Bankstown. Coupled with existing train stations, this takes the total number of stations up to eighteen. Additionally, the construction of more than 15 kilometres of train line will be completed. This new addition to the rail network will be a twin-tunnel rail line. Diving under Sydney Harbour, the twin-tunnel line travels through the city to Sydenham.

Delta Group was awarded the contract to complete demolition and civil construction works as part of this project. Works involve demolition of current standing buildings to make way for the new underground station at Crows Nest.

The new station will incorporate bike parking, bus stops, taxi bays, and also wayfinding signage and metro rail information.

Much of the work that is part of the overall Metro project is in geographically separate areas. Therefore, Delta Group were looking for a way to tie a series of work sites together visually. Additionally, they wanted to communicate the exciting development to the public.

Delta Group installed Class B hoarding around the construction and demolition areas. This provided a ready-made surface that the company could brand with key messages.


The Solution:

Fence Banner Mesh supplied Delta Group with 195 metres of Vinyl Hoarding Banners to go onto the Class B Hoarding along the Pacific Highway in Sydney.

The hoarding features full colour Sydney Metro branding promoting “Tomorrows Sydney”.

Fence Banner Mesh provides with a high quality PVC vinyl sheeting that also provides 100% light blockout. This smooth and opaque material means Fence Banner Mesh can reproduce printed images in brilliant full colour.

Vinyl banners are a simple yet high impact advertising solution. Available in custom sizing, workers can easily fix them to any sized hoarding. They come hemmed and eyeletted complete with kedar edging. This therefore results in a bright and effective branding tool that workers can easily hang, plus it immediately improves the look of your site. Along with aesthetic benefits, your existing site is furthermore turned into advertising space. PVC Vinyl banners can be used to promote products & services, infrastructure projects, sporting events and more. Fence Banner Mesh prints vinyl banners for hoarding and temporary fence installations Australia wide.

Delta Group chose a full colour print on UV and water resistant vinyl. With strong 440gsm fabric weight, kedar hemming and black tracking, their graphic vinyl banners were a highly professional addition to the Crows Nest site.

Delta Group will complete Stage 2 of this project in 2024.


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